Encrypt web mail or messages in any web form

Encrypt your Gmail, Yahoo, Outlook.com emails easily with a Chrome extension

InstallGoogle Chrome Extension


Firefox or Google Chrome
Drag this link:  Encipher It   to your Bookmarks Bar
Internet Explorer
Right click:  Encipher It  and click "Add to Favorites"
Apple Devices
Do it the iOS way

How to encrypt Gmail: Demo video

Please use a Google Chrome extension instead of the bookmarklet from this video. Bookmarklet version will be deprecated in the future.

Open composer and type new message

How to encrypt an email with a Chrome extension

or encrypt text in gmail or other web form by click on "Encipher It"

How to encrypt an email with a passwordPlease note: Most of web mail providers save drafts of your letter while you typing.To prevent leakage of sensitive data, use composer window of chrome extension.
  1. Enter your message in:
    • your new message window in Gmail or any other webmail, if you are using the bookmarklet or the Chrome extension
    • the composer window in Chrome (by clicking the Encipher It extension button and choosing "Open composer")
  2. (If you want to encrypt and attach files, you need to use the desktop version)
  3. press the "Encipher It" button
  4. enter a password to encrypt your message with
  5. the app encrypts your message with strong AES 256-bit encryption on your side, without sending us your original text or your password
  6. give the password to your friend, colleague or client via any other way (phone, SMS, WhatsApp, etc)
  7. insert the ciphertext in your email message:
    • the bookmarklet or the Chrome extension will do it automatically for your webmail
    • press the "Send to Gmail" button to insert the ciphertext in your new Gmail message automatically
    • or "Copy" the text to the clipboard and paste it in the new message window in your email client
  8. send your encrypted email
  9. your friend/colleague/client opens your email and does one of the following:
    • clicks on the short link that you sent
    • uses the bookmarklet or the Chrome extension to decrypt your message in Gmail or any other webmail (Yahoo, Live, Outlook.com, etc)
    • downloads the desktop app to decrypt your message and the files
  10. your friend, colleague or client enters the password
  11. the app decrypts the message with the password - without passing the original text or the password to us
  12. you have successfully shared your secret with someone you trust.
How to decrypt an email with a password

Click "Encipher it" again and enter the same password

  1. To decrypt the email with Encipher It, you can do one of the following:
    • paste the ciphertext in the online or desktop version of the app and press the "Decipher it" button
    • open the encrypted email you received and press the "Encipher it" button of the bookmarklet or the Chrome extension (but using the desktop software is more secure)
  2. enter the encryption password you've been told or sent beforehand and press the "Decipher it" button
  3. enjoy the fruits of your secret communication.

This google chrome extension can be used with any web page by clicking on "Encipher it" button. It ask for the password, generate secure key and encrypt or decrypt the text on the web page. Optionally, it can save encrypted text on the external server and provide short link for access.

It using AES encryption with PBKDF2 key generation and HMAC-SHA256 digests.

The plain text and the key is managed inside browser memory and never passed by network.

However, if you are using online version or the bookmarklet, the encryption code is loaded from the server. Be aware of  man-in-the-middle and phising attacks. For safe use, ensure that site address is exactly https://encipher.it ("https" important!). If you see red alert, please stop using this site and contact support.